New (or Dark) Moon Ritual


Dark (Or New) Moon Ritual

This is the end and new beginning time for the lunar phase cycle.  I find this a good time to bring closure to anything that is ready for closure, or that is no longer serving me, as well as setting intentions for what is ready to be started. 

It is not necessary to do both at once. Some months, I find I can combine them, and sometimes I choose to celebrate the Dark Moon a day or two before the New Moon.  There have been years where I celebrated (in my own personal way, not quite as described, but including key aspects) Hekate's Deipnon the day preceding the New Moon, Noumenia with Athena the day of the New Moon, and the Agathos Daimon the day after the New Moon.    

I encourage you to find a space where you won’t be disturbed or wherever allows you the space you need for reflection... You may make this as complex or as simple as you like. 

Suggested supplies:

  • Something comforting to wrap yourself in - a shawl, your favorite hoodie, your baby blanket… 

  • A candle (flame or battery-powered)

  • Your favorite divination method


* * * * * * * * 



Start out by wrapping yourself with your favorite blanket, sweater, shawl, etc. Ground with your current daily practice, or if you don't have a current daily practice (or a part of it that will work), choose some way to honor coming into this moment, the now. Perhaps three deep breathes, focusing the first breath on feeling the solidness of gravity anchoring you to this spinning planet. Focusing the second breath on the comforting dark of outer space. And focusing the third breath on feeling the spaciousness from above and the weight of gravity meet somewhere in you, placing you now, in this moment.

Cast your circle, call in the Elements, and invoke your Ancestors as feels right to you.

Start out by considering what is coming to an end: where are the loose ends that need to get tied up, things that need to be put to bed, and what needs to be buried? What do you need to do to wrap those things up?

And/or consider what is coming up: what is coming into sight, what is beginning, and what is starting to grow?

Once the endings and/or beginnings are clear in your mind, invoke your Deity/ies.

Ask your Deity/ies what else you need to know about wrapping things up and/or what's coming up next. Then, using your favorite divination method, draw a card (or two), throw the sticks/rocks, you can even just listen for the small quiet voice (or big booming voice!) inside your head. 

Make an offering to your Deity/ies, thanking them for their message.

Take some time to reflect, to journal, create art, make a collage, if you’re outside, watch for messages from spirit/universe, if you would like more clarification on the divination from your Deity/is, you can pull another card.   

Sometimes endings and beginnings need different perspectives to see the opportunities.  Some ideas if you need prompts for journaling or reflection:

  • Describe the ends/beginnings.

  • Answer the following two questions.

    • If I was eight, I would react to these ends/beginnings in these ways...

    • Ten years from now, how would I react to these ends/beginnings?

  • Oracle card:  Past, Present, Future Spread

    • Shuffle the cards and think about your challenge.  Just think about the challenge.

    • Spread the cards out and pick three.  The first being the past, the second being the present and the third being the future.  Line the cards up 1,2,3.

    • Allow the cards to tell you a story about your challenge and the potential opportunity...   

When you have reached the point where you are done reflecting, acknowledge the moment with gratitude.

Our compassion working for this ritual is compassion for ourselves - compassion for the endings, compassion for beginnings, and compassion for the work we do to make our accomplishments possible, even (maybe especially) if they aren't achieved yet.

If you need to focus some on self-compassion, som ideas, if you need prompts:

  • Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how you can do the same for yourself…

  • When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

  • Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust. (Then make time to hang out with them.)

  • Make a list of things you can do to provide yourself self-care

When you’re ready - cakes and ale blessings time!

Thank your Deity/ies for being present and their messages, thank your Ancestor/s and the Elements - Hail and Farewell! And open your circle - May the wisdom imparted by your Deity/ies open your path, provide peaceful closure to that which is ending, and bless that which is beginning anew!  

Now cakes and ale, even if it's just a bit of chocolate!

* * * * * * * *