Here are people I like for varying reasons and a bit about what they do.  If you're looking for someone that does what they do - they come highly recommended by me.

  • Granny's Empire of Art - Jaina Bee aka Granny aka Baba Bee. Jaina is all around awesome. If e's ever having an open house while you're in the Bay area, make a point of checking out eir Empire!

  • Gwynn Raimondi - Excellent licensed marriage and family therapist associate (LMFTA) in the state of Washington.

  • La Bohemia Tango - If you need Tango or Gyrokinesis lessons in the Seattle area, she is your go to! Also - Tango shoes!

  • M-Power Coaching - coaching firm specializing in leadership transformation, management development, and team building.

  • Mia Munroe - Gyrokinesis Master Trainer. Where is she now? You'll have to check her site!

  • The Raven’s Wing Magical Co. - Now open in the Bay area AND Portland too!