Ready or Not

I'm sure I heard this idea from elsewhere, and I can't remember where. I think about it a lot.  Having kids is like wearing your heart on your sleeve.  And even more than wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's like setting your heart free to wander out into the world.  The embodied knowledge of what it's like to send the hearts of your heart out into the world... Oof. It's a big thing.

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M2 is reading parts of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, specifically tonight on the creation myths of the Greeks. This jumped out... "Love created Light with its companion, Radiant Day... With the coming of love and light it seemed natural that the earth also should appear." There. *Love* created the world. Best creation story ever.
I kind of just want to leave this whole newsletter with that thought. Love created the world. 

But this is the power of stories. 

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As I was flipping through my cards looking for something to send to a friend (hey, I have good intentions!), I found a card that was decorated with the quote, "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. --Socrates."  Which then gave me occasion to wonder about that, but without that spark of wonder, that leads to curiosity, which leads you to wanting to learn more... of course, how else would you progress to wisdom?

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It's Not a Competition

M2 has been lecturing me over fonts. She thinks my default font is boooring. As we were talking tonight, I asked her what I should write about. The first thing she said to me was, "You need a *hook*.  You know, something to draw them in.  ...What? They drill this stuff into our heads in school!"  Then she said the thing that she's been thinking about a lot lately has been a phrase she read recently - "You don't have to be grateful that it isn't worse." Read more here.

Summer in Full Swing

As I was walking, I got to thinking about the stories we tell about ourselves as a way of defining who we are to ourselves and to others.  How sometimes we can get attached to a story that isn't really actually our self, but something that we have experienced/are experiencing. If I follow this train of thought too long, I eventually wander off into the land of what is the part of me that's observing me observe these things. But today it was just the observation of attachment to a story. Read more here.


A big part of my job is helping people determine the words they use for the metadata they describe their content with.  Sometimes it gets changed multiple times before everyone (begrudgingly) agrees that the word set will do.  It's the nature of the role though. It's sort of nice to see that people are so insistent that the right words are used, to be honest.  It always sort of surprises me given how lax and non-specific about language people often are. Read more here.

The Stories You Can't Tell

I've been thinking a lot about Demeter and Persephone.  And mostly just Demeter.  And how hard it is to watch someone you carried have to face the steep learning curve of adulting and being in a position where you've literally done everything you can do to help and now it's all up to them and the only thing left to do is hold your breath and see if they can figure out how to fly. Read more here.