Mushroom Season!

And then there are the mushrooms.  They come out in full force this time of year.  They feel later to me this year than they have the past few years, but I have not had the opportunity to hit the walking trails I used to walk along in some time. All week this week, my plan has been to go out for a walk and all week, it's been pouring.  Maybe tomorrow.  This time of year there is always the classic Amanita muscaria -- the red with white spots, extremely poisonous mushroom.  But they're so beautiful!  Mushrooms fascinate me.  Not only are they more closely related to animals than plants (yes, for real!), but they provide the internet of the forest (yes, trees and plants can communicate with each other via mycelial networks, for real!)!  They are a whole taxonomic kingdom to themselves.  This weekend is the Puget Sound Mycological Society's annual Mushroom Show.  I'm not sure if we'll go this year, but it's always so amazing to walk through their exhibit and see how many different types of mushrooms are living right under our noses! 

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