So Where Was I Before It Started Snowing Last Week? Oh, Right!

Elfreda Chatman's Small World theories of (dysfunctional) information seeking behaviors.  The Small World is one in which people are functionally isolated in some way.  As a result of the insider/outsider dichotomy, insiders develop either an enforced or situationally insulated world.  This insulated, or small, world very often is characterized by a mistrust of information that insiders don't have and often perceive outsiders as having.  Outsiders are not trusted or seen as understanding the insider group, however, and so even though they may have needed information, the association with the untrusted outsiders means the information itself is likewise not trusted leading to an environment of information poverty.  

The thing that really jumps out at me is, as Chatman says "These behaviors are meant to hide our true crisis in an effort to appear normal and to exhibit acceptable coping behaviors."  What we are seeing now, as a result of this election, has been the normalization of extremely unacceptable coping behaviors within the small world insider population.  Their information poverty crisis has reached a breaking point where they have fallen prey to a swindler who doesn't even need a coherent message for the insider.  Heavily excerpted from this week's newsletter: 2016-12-16 So Here's the Deal.