Some Catchup!

Happy New Year!

It snowed over break!  Almost just the right amount... it was slippery getting up the hill, but we made it.  I'm delighted to say we're back to classic PNW drizzle & drips.  I worked through the break so didn't get as much time to do year-end wrap ups and reflection like I like to do, which left me trying to cram a bunch of stuff in the night before I went back to work. 

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Happy Solstice!

We have survived the longest night of the year!  And now the days will begin to lengthen again.  Although honestly, it never seems like the light comes back until it's a little closer to the equinox... but still and regardless -- it's the season of hibernation and the tiny seeds of light will grow, but first they need to nestle in the heart and incubate.  But  they will grow!  

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In the Darkest Time of the Year

It is a dark and heavy time of year, the sun is so much further down on the horizon at these latitudes, darkness comes early and leaves later as well.  Where in your life do you need Isis to shine a light into the corners of your darkness?  The best way to clear out the darkness after all is to shine light into it.  As it is said, ‘tis better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  

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It's THAT Time of Year

The holidays are upon us.  This year, for the first year in a long time, I will be working through the holidays with the exception of the officially mandated days off.  I may, however, depending on how many people go into the office that last week of the year, just work from home that week.  That remains to be seen... 

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As I Was Out Walkin'

The weather is turning and I am trying to keep finding my motivation to go out in the chill and blustery... Motivation is... somewhat reduced.  But I do try to take the opportunity to take smaller more frequent excursions, whether it's intentionally scheduling a mtg in a different building, or just walking with someone ostensibly to discuss some matter at hand... that could probably wait, but walk... :D

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Happy (Slightly Early!) Halloween!

This is THE LONG AWAITED season in our house.  We barely managed to hold out until September this year... as is often the case... before putting up our decorations.  This is the season of mushrooms and monsters and all the things that roam and rove in the night - cats and bats and flickering pumpkins that think everything is hilarious...

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The Cat is OK

I spoon fed her all weekend because she just didn't want to eat.  There is a song that goes with spoon feeding a cat and apparently now I sing it absentmindedly to myself when I'm deep in concentration - I caught myself singing it to myself when I was down in the weeds of a taxonomy question today.  Monday I took her to the vet because not eating is problematic for cats, and spoon feeding a cat is problematic for me in terms of time management and interest level.  Even with a song to sing while I do it.  It's boring and sort of annoying for everyone involved.  

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